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Sunday, 27 November 2011 | 5:30 pm | 0 speak(s)

aku rasa terharu sangat sebab teacher aku Puan Suria ada inbox aku. korang nak tahu tak? jup.

r u ok? i read ur post. wht's ur problem? it's normal at this age many "obstacles".

u r here to study. put aside everything and study hard. When the time comes Insyallah a nice person'll come to see ur parents for ur hand. it's opinion. doa for you. take care."

aku terharu gile sebab teacher aku tiba - tiba inbox at facebook aku macam ni. eventhough teacher aku tak tahu apa - apa. teacher thanks sebab teacher take care about me. i know teacher love ur student. aku actully dah okay. hee. sebab ramai yang sayang aku. hee. kawan - kawan yang baik dan family aku. thanks at kawan - kawan yang selalu bagi support kat aku. :) wei, da ade korang cukup la bagi aku. AKU SAYANG KORANG FOREVER ! muahx. hee.

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